Feel free to email questions to: info@bettertogether.us. 

We believe that better marriages result in better families and communities. Our mission is to support our local, central Indiana community through every stage of relationships – as there is no doubt, we can be Better Together.

Better Together is a community outreach effort of Northview Church’s Marriage Ministry. However, individuals or couples do not have to attend Northview to participate. 

Better Together is an initiative powered by Northview Church and Better Together activities are designed to be consistent with the church’s belief on relationships and marriage.  Therefore, Better Together events are specifically geared for one man, one woman couples who are dating, married, or preparing for marriage.

Dating On Purpose

No, content is suited for singles who are not dating, or non-married couples who are. We want to prepare you to have confidence and be armed with practical advice on how to have a healthy relationship and avoid common pitfalls. Consider it ‘preventive care’ for your (future) relationship, whether it’s started yet or not. 

No, this event is for individuals not dating anyone, as well as dating couples. If your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t able to make it, that’s ok. There will be a mixed audience and you’re welcome to join us alone, with a friend or a date. Each person needs their own ticket, and will receive their own materials. We will make everyone feel welcomed!

Healthy relationship skills are timeless and applicable for every age.  At our first seminar, the age range was literally 20 to 80 years old and we had a healthy mix of people who had been divorced and those who had never been married.  This seminar is open to anyone 18 years and older.

Yes! The content draws heavily from evidenced based research, social science, brain science, and Biblical principles on how healthy relationships are formed.  We believe that all truth is God’s truth and oftentimes in science we are simply discovering the natural and relational world that God created.

Becoming One

Yes, couples need to attend this event together. This couples seminar is intended to facilitate discussion and teach practical tools for engaged and/or seriously dating couples, as well as introduce and pair you with a mentor couple that will meet with you 3-5 times over the course of the following months.

Yes, this event is a good fit for seriously dating couples as well as engaged couples.

The workshop  is hosted by a seasoned married couple and the teaching is video driven from Les and Leslie Parrott’s Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.  The format alternates between multiple 10-15 minute teaching sessions on various relationship topics followed by an opportunity to discuss and unpack the content together as a couple. 


You will have lunch with your marriage mentor couple and the day ends with a marriage panel answering questions that have been generated by participants anonymously through the day.  There is not much in the way of group work or interaction between couples

As a part of Becoming One you will take the SYMBIS relationship assessment and will be paired with a married couple to review the assessment.  Our marriage mentor couples are not counselors or therapists, but they have been well trained and successfully married for a number of years.  You will meet with them 3-5 times.  Our couples find this part of Becoming One to be super helpful and impactful.

Couples Night Out

Couples Night Out activities are located at Northview Church campuses and at local venues around the Central Indiana area. Various types of activities are available each month to provide a variety of options throughout the year. We strive to bring you fresh new options based on seasonality, holidays, popularity, etc. Keep checking back for new additions!  

Childcare is available at most of the on-campus dates for a small fee. The actual event description will let you know if childcare is available. 

Please email Better Together to make changes to your Couples Night Out or date night tickets. Please note: if you are unable to attend a date night and you do not cancel ahead of time, we cannot refund your tickets.

Yes! You are more than welcome to invite couples to join you at the event! Just be sure to share the event link or purchase a ticket for them. 

Yes, but bring a date!  

Dating or married couples are invited to participate in the Couples Night Out events, as these date nights are intended for couples exploring or already in a romantic relationship.

Grace Marriage Experience

Better Together marriage events are for one man, one woman couples who are married (in other words, this is not for seriously dating, engaged, or cohabitating couples). Previously married couples who are separated or divorced and are considering reconciliation are encouraged to attend as well.

This experience is designed to be done with your partner, so if your schedule doesn’t allow for both of you to be present for the workshop, please find another date. We always offer multiple dates and locations for you and your spouse to consider.

No, each quarterly event has fresh and different content and activities that are different from the time before.

Yes! You can start or join the quarterly events at anytime. We promise you’ll walk away with a new bonding experience each time.

Please email info@bettertogether.com and let us know the name and email address you registered with for the subscription, and we’ll get it cancelled for you.

Grace Marriage Subcription

In partnership with Grace Marriage,  Better Together is proud to offer (4) quarterly events and resources to support your marriage at a low, discounted rate. When committing to the annual subscription, benefits include:

  • Four Grace Marriage Events (one per quarter)
  • Childcare included
  • Located on different dates at multiple campuses
  • Content emailed to your inbox if you miss an event
  • You can invite “first timers” to attend one time for free
  • Cost is $35/quarter when you commit to the annual year (compared to $50/each event if paid individually)
  • Other benefits:
    • Participant materials at each quarterly event
    • Complementary access to Grace Marriage at Home
    • Access to a member’s only Grace Marriage dashboard where you’ll get monthly videos, engaging worksheets and bonus resources

Yes! We need all subscribers to please register so we can plan for your attendance and whether you need childcare, or not.

Please register for each quarterly event, using your special subscriber discount code during check out. 

You should receive your subscriber discount code in your initial membership email confirmation. If you don’t remember or can’t find the code, feel free to email us at: info@bettertogether.us.

Subscribers will be notified when event registration is available. However, you can always check the Better Together calendar of events for the location & time of your preference.

Once you select the event at the location of your choice, please look for the option: “Current Subscribers – Reserve Your Seats”; to check out and put in your discount code (which will update the total to $0, to indicate you’ve already paid). 

Please email info@bettertogether.com and let us know the name and email address you registered with for the subscription, and we’ll get it cancelled for you.

re|engage Small Group

Northview Church’s Carmel campus offers re|engage on a continual basis, so you can start any week.  

Northview Church’s Greater Lafayette campus offers a semester experience that begins each January and runs through May.

Yes. re|engage Small Group is intended to be a safe space for couples to connect, by building community with people who want nothing more than to support and encourage your relationship. 

Hopeful Tomorrows Retreat

Hopeful Tomorrows is a weekend for couples in need of a breakthrough in their marriage. For many couples, this weekend is their last-ditch effort to try to save their marriage. For others, they simply have a deep sense that their marriage was made for more than what they are experiencing. Some couples are even looking for preventative feedback on how to have a long-lasting and loving relationship.

Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of an affair or betrayal, are living separate or detached lives, are generally stuck, or simply want tools to establish trust and togetherness – this weekend will provide practical tools, hope, and a path forward to create the kind of marriage you have always longed for.

The Hopeful Tomorrows weekend retreat specializes in a Biblical approach to healing marriages integrated with researched-based solutions that are truly effective.

Couples come away with tools to be able to work through even the most challenging conflicts, and are able to communicate with each other in a way that makes each person feel understood. Many couples would describe their weekend experience as nothing short of a miracle in their marriage.

The weekend begins on Friday night at 7:00 p.m. and concludes on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. The speakers present in a workshop-style format, with frequent breakouts to interact individually as a couple with the content.

Throughout the day on Saturday, core skills are taught for a transformative project which couples do on Saturday night. Each couple will have a marriage coach to work with them in their room on Saturday night for an hour to make sure that they are able to effectively utilize the tools to get the breakthrough they need.

Sunday continues with high-impact content to help couples maximize the gains achieved and to create a plan moving forward.

No. There is no expectation or requirement for people to share in front of the group, nor do we do group counseling. Instead, the focus will be on the two of you as a couple learning how to communicate in different ways to work through the issues that have held you back.

For many, it is. It’s quite common that at least one person is not enthusiastic about attending the conference. Even couples who agree to come only to “check it off the list” often experience a transformative breakthrough. Ultimately, willingness to engage in the weekend is a decision that each individual has to make, but the weekend creates an environment that helps to facilitate a new marital beginning.

Keep in mind you are only asking them about this specific weekend. You are not asking them to make decisions or commitments about the coming years, months or weeks. You are simply asking them to give this weekend a try before making life-altering decisions.

Also, acknowledge where your spouse is currently in the relationship. For example, you might say, “I know that you are no longer sure that you want to be in this marriage. And maybe we ultimately won’t be able to make it work, but could we please give this weekend a try and see where we are after it is over?”

After you sign up, we will send you a confidential questionnaire which you and your spouse will fill out individually so that we have an understanding of your issues before you arrive. We ask that you not share your answers with each other.

Yes. If a spouse is currently addicted to a substance or if there has been any physical violence in the last year, we will need to further evaluate if it is the right time for a couple to attend the retreat.

The cost does not include food and lodging. We intentionally host the retreats at affordable hotels with group rates when possible. We will take breaks for lunch and dinner and provide options for local restaurants.

We recommend it for the whole weekend, but it is only required Saturday night. If you can stay in the hotel both nights, it provides an environment where you can be away from your normal routine. You will need to stay in the hotel on Saturday night because the marriage coach will meet with you in your room for an hour to help you with your project.

Typically, insurance companies do not cover the cost of retreats.

We do not offer payment plans or scholarships.

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