Deeper Connections.
Stronger Relationships.

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Better Lives. Better Together.

Slow down and connect. Try something new. Find an adventure. Because life is better when we’re in it together.
Play Video about Better Together - Overview Video
Play Video about Better Together - Overview Video

Fun & Romantic Experiences for Everyone

We help you make the most of your relationship with daily connection, weekly date nights, and opportunities to get away regularly.

Single or Dating



Married + Struggling

Your Love is the Main Event

What are you waiting for? Find some laughter and fun with your partner at one of our upcoming events.
Grace Marriage couple

Grace Marriage

An experience to keep couples connected
Couples Night Out couple

Couples Night Out

Make date night a regular part of your week
Re-Engage Small Groups couple

re|engage Small Group

A small group for couples
Dating On Purpose couple

Dating on Purpose

Learn secrets to healthy relationships
Becoming One couple

Becoming One

A seminar for couples preparing for marriage
Hopeful Tomorrows couple

Hopeful Tomorrows

Marriage intensive designed for renewal

Life’s Too Short to Settle for an Average Relationship

Better Together is here to support you through every relationship stage. Whether you just started dating or you’ve been married for decades, we’ll be there to help you enjoy the journey.

Start Leveling Up!

Better Together has something for everyone from zero-planning-required date night fun to a whole slew of resources designed to help you get the most out of your relationship.
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