Dating on Purpose

Always ignoring red flags? Learn how you can make better choices.
Dating On Purpose couple

You may have heard that love is blind … but it doesn’t have to be.

In this interactive seminar led by four licensed therapists and a pastoral counselor, you will learn the secrets of finding love.

“How to Have a Healthy Dating Relationship” curriculum is empirically validated and has a Christian foundation. You will learn the five building blocks of building a healthy relationship as well as the five key areas to explore in any dating relationship. Invest a few hours for a longterm return that’s sure to pay dividends.


No, content is suited for singles who are not dating, or non-married couples who are. We want to prepare you to have confidence and be armed with practical advice on how to have a healthy relationship and avoid common pitfalls. Consider it ‘preventive care’ for your (future) relationship, whether it’s started yet or not. 

No, this event is for individuals not dating anyone, as well as dating couples. If your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t able to make it, that’s ok. There will be a mixed audience and you’re welcome to join us alone, with a friend or a date. Each person needs their own ticket, and will receive their own materials. We will make everyone feel welcomed!

Healthy relationship skills are timeless and applicable for every age.  At our first seminar, the age range was literally 20 to 80 years old and we had a healthy mix of people who had been divorced and those who had never been married.  This seminar is open to anyone 18 years and older.

Yes! The content draws heavily from evidenced based research, social science, brain science, and Biblical principles on how healthy relationships are formed.  We believe that all truth is God’s truth and oftentimes in science we are simply discovering the natural and relational world that God created.

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