re|engage Small Group

Does it seem like ages since you've actually had fun with your spouse? Infusing real joy into your marriage relationship is a marriage saver!

A Safe Space to Reconnect

Reignite that spark again, friends! Find inspiration, encouragement, friendship, hope, and so much more through our re|engage program.

Gather with other couples who’ve had similar experiences and struggles, and tap into a community of people who want nothing more than to help bolster your relationship with the one you care about most. This amazing marriage series is for any couple who’s ready to level up their marriage.

Event Details:
Where: Student Center at Carmel
When: Join us any Tuesday night | 6:30-8:30

Registration only required for 1st Tuesday you attend.

FREE childcare is available for this event.

ReEngage couple

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Icon - Level Up Your Marriage

Level Up Your Marriage

Whether you want to go from a seven to a nine or a two to a five, you can take your marriage to the next level with re|engage.
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Get Inspired

Hear about wins, struggles, and real-life marriage stories from couples who have been through it and come out stronger together.

Find Community

Connect with your spouse and build friendships with other couples who want to support you throughout your marriage journey.
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