Better Relationships.
Better Lives.
Better Together.

Belly laughs. Inside jokes. Good memories. There’s power in having fun with the one you love. We can help you make the most of your marriage with daily connection, weekly date nights, and opportunities to get away regularly.

Slow down and connect. Try something new. Find an adventure. Because life is better when we’re in it together.

Resources & Support

Get access to devoted marriage mentors and all kinds of materials to help you make the most out of your marriage.

We’re here to support you through every stage of your relationship in a wide variety of ways because we believe that stronger marriages mean healthier families, stronger churches, and better communities overall.

Resources and support - couple holding hands
Couples Night Out

Date Nights & Getaways

Spicing things up now and then is good for every marriage!

So join us for a variety of incredibly fun pop-up date nights and other opportunities to reconnect with your spouse. Make memories you’ll hold dear for a lifetime, while you recommit to each other and prioritize your marriage. You can find an adventure or keep it low key while you leave the planning to us.

A Shared Community

Everything's better with friends, and surrounding yourself with like-minded folks who understand you and want to show up for you can go a long way.

Through Better Together, you can build new friendships, find mentors to offer their heartfelt support, and feel a genuine and uplifting sense of community.

Shared Community - couples groups
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