The Grace Marriage Getaway

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Marriage.

Better Together Grace Marriage Getaways

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Marriage.

What if you could pack all the benefits of a couples retreat into just a few hours’ time? With Grace Marriage Getaway, you actually can! High-energy, fun, and fast-paced, breathe new life into your relationship with this quarterly event.

The Grace Marriage Getaway is designed to help you and your spouse slow down and truly connect in a meaningful way, all in a lively and supportive environment. The best part? You’ll feel even more connected after several hours than you would after going away together for several days with the love of your life.

We recommend couples connect daily, date weekly, and GETAWAY quarterly– so sign up for the next Grace Marriage Getaway! Every ninety days you will get the boost, confidence, and clarity needed to propel you forward in your relationship. We think you’ll find them to be one of the most fun and impactful times you spend together all year. Additionally, between the quarterly getaways, you will receive ongoing encouragement and support in your marriage from group leaders and other participants.

Won’t you join us for this one of a kind marriage workshop? Free Childcare is available. Once you register below, you will receive an email to reserve your spot for childcare. Childcare registration will close at midnight on the Tuesday before the event.

Prioritize Your Marriage

You’re doing life with the one you love, and you’re so lucky to have found each other. Put your marriage front and center, and let those amazing vows you shared really ring true.

Connect on a New Level

Uncover a deeper connection with your spouse during this fun, fast-paced event. Afterall, a healthy marriage is the best gift you can give yourself, your spouse, and your kids.

A Little Time, A Big Impact

You’ll be amazed at what just a few hours can do. We’re confident you’ll leave the getaway feeling energized, inspired, and closer to your spouse than before you came.

Explore new experiences together!